Africa Healthcare Development and Project Delivery Conference 2019 (11-12 September 2019)

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AHDPD Conferece 2019

Africa being one of the largest continents with over a fifty countries has shown promising improvements in terms of urbanization, agriculture, economic growth and income. It has the youngest population in the world. But what about the basic necessities of healthcare, and healthcare infrastructure? It lags far behind other underdeveloped and developing countries when we debate on that. Among the 738 million people living in the WHO-African region, there have been basic changes in the amenities provided to the locals there, but what about the rest? Countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and others still face the devastating risks of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and diseases associated with pregnancy. All of this is mainly due to the lack of equipments, knowledge and well established hospitals or healthcare facility unit.

This AHDPD conference in Johannesburg on the 11th and 12th of September 2019, not only points out the threats there, but also brings together people of power and expertise to a higher-level discussion, so that problems could be sought after and dealt with, while providing real life solutions.

This Africa Healthcare Development and Project Delivery Conference 2019 is all about increasing a healthier population in Africa, providing minimal primary healthcare, improving infrastructure and aiding with financial services.

So come register for this event to assess investment, developments and technology in African health. This would be a splendid opportunity for all professionals, looking out to meet and greet African delegates and other healthcare company directors. Let’s make this event count by extending our business and help towards Africa and its people!

AHDPD Conferece 2019